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Duns Football Club

New Hawthorn Park Update

As work progresses well and the new season draws ever closer Duns Football Club thought it appropriate to update everyone interested on where we see things progressing in relation to our new playing pitch.

To enable us to progress and develop as a club we are in the first instance making New Hawthorn Park East of Scotland Football League compliant then in the more intermediate to longer term aim we shall strive to meet Scottish Football Association entry criteria.

The use of the NHP pitch shall in no way be restricted to solely East of Scotland (1st team) usage but indeed our reserve and youth teams shall have access to it whenever possible. Indeed as our youth teams participate in games taking place on a Sunday this will give added scope for them to use NHP.

By having our facility at Gavinton, whilst also incorporating weekly training sessions, teams shall off course continue to play games there on a managed basis.

We wise to stress that through a series of pitch managed initiatives it should be possible to make the NHP surface available for use by teams from all levels of our club