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Duns Football Club

Duns U16’s 2-3 Musselburgh U16’s

Firhill for thrills they used to say, well there always seems to be plenty of thrills at New Hawthorn Park when the 16’s are involved but it wasn’t until the whistle blew to start the second half that Duns came to life. They had allowed the visitors far too much time and space to pass the ball around in the first half and were lucky to find themselves only two goals behind at the break.
Whatever Mike Horne told the young Dingers at half-time was obviously taken on board because right from the whistle to start the second period they were a different team, closing everything down, putting in strong challenges and winning all the second balls. Musselburgh were surprised by this as their passes were unable to find players the way they had in the first half. The home side got a lift when Swinney fired in a free kick to cut the deficit in half and they created several chances to level the match but just when it looked like that goal was coming any minute, the visitors who had looked a threat down their right wing all day scored a third from a move down that very flank.
Duns were not for throwing in the towel though and they continued to create chances one of which was eventually taken by Swinney to pull it back to 2-3. Several goalmouth scrambles ensued and the action was now end to end but there was no further scoring.

Attendance 58