Print Spot, Berwick
Duns Football Club

Eyemouth United 1-0 Duns

At a blustery Warner Park the Fisfermen edged out a hard working Duns side by the tightest of margins. The high winds dominated the game with Duns having a 1966 style “goal” not given in the first half before Eyemouth told the lead with the Dingers unsighted looking into the evening sun.

Duns dominated the second period virtually camping in the home sides half probing continuously but eventually to no avail. Again it has to be mentioned the amount of work Duns put in to a man against the team second in the league and with this kind of performance there are many things to place hope on.

Duns lined up: Lumsden Weatherburn Lee Stewart G Renton Douglas Waugh Trialist (Leslie) Lauder Brydon (A Renton)  Graham (Cornish)

Attendance 55