Print Spot, Berwick
Duns Football Club

Duns 2-5 Hawick Royal Albert

Duns lost heavily last night in their second Qualifying League fixture in Section B of the competition to what turned out to be a nine man Albert side who until a double dismissal were leading 2-1 with Duns having had their best spell for the second part of the first half. Hawick were two up inside the first 15 minutes but after a bustling counter by Kieran Lee (pictured) Duns took control playing passing football on the ground.

However into the second half with collective Hawick tempers boiling over the referee had seen enough and “invited” two of them to leave the field of play. The general consensus being not before time. Absurdly this was the signal for Duns to capitulate and three more Albert goals finished the game with a second Duns goal from James Brydon proving nothing more than a consolation.

Duns line up: Connolly, Ryan Burns, Bowell, Brydon, Gary Renton, McGregor, Waddell (Weatherburn), Jackson (Bouchier), Pattenden, Lee, Graham.

Attendance 61