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Duns Football Club

Club Lottery

Duns FC Lottery Rules

Licensed under the Small Lotteries (Scotland) Act. Promoter; Mark Dixon 79 Brierybaulk, Duns, TD11 3BQ

One draw will take place each Sunday in the White Swan Hotel.
Three numbers between 1 & 25 will be drawn from the hat.
50% of all stake money will be donated to the club and 50% will be paid out in prize money.
If you are the sole winner you will receive all of the prize money and if there is more than one winner you will receive an equal share of the prize money. Your share is determined by the number of winners.
If there are no winners the prize money is carried forward to next week’s draw until a maximum of £1000 is reached.
When £1000 prize money is reached there will still only be one draw and if the prize is not won the £1000 will be carried forward to next week’s draw.
If the £1000 has not been won by the time the money carried forward reaches £1000 then the numbers are drawn until there is a winner.
All money carried forward will go towards the next prize draw after the £1000 has been won.
If you are paying by standing order under no circumstances will the club pay out if your stake money has not been received.
Under no circumstances will the club accept responsibility for any bank errors.