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Duns FC 17's 2013-2014

Duns FC 17’s 2013-2014

The Scottish Borders is a unique sporting region. Sparsely populated by 100,000 inhabitants it’s arguably the only region of Scotland to adopt rugby as it’s first sport and has scrummaged above its weight in producing some of the finest rugby players to wear a thistle on their chest.

Some say this is down to the traditional ball games that preceded the arrival of the oval ball, games which are still played today in many border towns. For centuries, men in Selkirk, Jedburgh and Duns would come out in force for annual folk games where, generally, the object would be for half the town’s men to get a ball past the other half across the market square.

With such competition football teams in amongst the rolling border hills have tended to be dwarfed by the achievements of their rugby-playing counterparts. Duns U17s, however, are looking to redress the balance.

Duns FC 15's 2013-2014

Duns FC 15’s 2013-2014

Just fifteen miles from the border with England, Duns has a history of footballing overachievement, considering the town’s population is less than 3,000. It boasts a trophy cabinet full of regional honours and, in the ‘50s, the senior side once faced Celtic in the second round of the Scottish Cup.

This fixture remains one of the proudest moments in the club’s history but the class of ‘96 are busy writing their own part of Dingers footballing folklore having reached the fourth round of the U17 Scottish Youth Football Cup.


Duns FC Under 13’s 2013-2014

It’s quite a story considering the team has never entered the cup before. What makes it a fairytale is that this year’s U17s are actually last year’s U15s.

Coach Dava admits he’s had to be resourceful to pull together a squad capable of going up two age brackets in one season: “This year’s been special ’cause we’ve mixed in U17 players with the U15 squad. The Borders league doesn’t have an U16s competition so I’ve had to enhance the team. The U15s are Cameron Gunn Cup and Scottish Border JFA U15 champions but still would’ve struggled with the adjustment. To cope, we’ve had to bring back players that have perhaps left for bigger clubs but it’s maybe not worked out for whatever reason. I know all the players in the area. It’s a small town.

Duns’ coach’s claims about his knowledge of the squad aren’t an empty boast. He’s coached this team since they were 6 years old and over sixty-percent of his current team are formed by that original group of youngsters.

Any integration problems have yet to materialise as Dava, a keen follower of football on the other side of the nearby border, reflects: “It could have been tricky but they’re getting on well at the moment, fighting hard for each other. We train once a week and get an average of twenty lads turning up even though some of the lads play rugby too. It gives every sympathy for Wenger, Mancini and the other managers who have to rotate to keep their squad happy.”

Certainly in a league of only six teams there is a danger of familiarity breeding contempt on the pitch. It should be a bigger league but two teams failed to raise a squad for the season so Duns must play their league rivals four times during 2012/13.

Join us

If you are interested in joining the Youth setup, the coaches are listed below:

Birth Year – Coach – Training night    

2000 – Simon Bunyan – Wednesday

2001 – Stevie Baxter/Darren Short – Monday

2005 – Paul Matthewson – Friday

2006 – Andrew Roberts – Friday

2007/08 – Paul Young – Wednesday

2009/10 – Paul Young/Michelle Stewart (helper) – Wednesday

Training is at the Gavinton pitches